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Dr. Christian

Mary Elizabeth Christian, MD, FACS, BCBA

Dr Cuntz

Cecilia Cuntz, MD, FACS

Dr Bowie

Mindy W Bowie, MD, FACS

Louisiana Breast Specialists are dedicated to restoring the health and well-being of our patients through treatment and management of all breast related disorders, both benign and malignant. This includes cooperative care with Medical Oncologists, Radiation Oncologists, and Reconstructive Surgeons. We participate in the Woman's Hospital Breast Cancer Multi-disciplinary Treatment Conference and Patient Navigator program and the Baton Rouge General's Multi-Disciplinary Treatment Conference.

We specialize in breast-conserving cancer surgery, sentinel lymph node biopsy, skin-sparing mastectomies, nipple areolar sparing mastectomies, and oncoplastic surgical techniques. We are amongst a handful of surgeons in the Baton Rouge area who perform mammary ductoscopy for the evaluation of nipple discharge.


With a diagnosis of breast cancer comes an inevitable change and transformation of one's life ~ physically, mentally, and spiritually. For our logo we chose a symbol that represented this change, and the strength and perseverence that comes with it. The outer circle represents the cycle of life, while the pink ribbon is a reminder of our battle against breast cancer and the impact it has on our patients' lives. The green inner swirl is that of a Koru, an unfurled fern frond, which represents new beginnings and the undeveloped potential for all of life's endeavors. It represents health, growth, and vitality.

This is our reminder that a diagnosis of breast cancer is a journey of hope, strength, and change. It is your journey towards a "new" normal that we strive to support.